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The Solus Electric Stairlift
Safety and innovation

Removable link bars make sure your Solus is easily accessible, even from a wheelchair

An innovative mobility solution, the modern electric stairlift Solus offers practicality and adaptability to both you and your home.

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What do you get from your Solus?

A different stairlift design, based on innovative modernity. The unique look of the Solus allows us to be even more creative with its design, and offer you more upholstery designs than ever. Our over 150 years in the stairlift industry has taught us to listen to your needs, and provide for them in our stairlifts. The Solus means added safety no matter what your stairs are like, especially if your mobility is greatly reduced in your whole body.

Innovative design

The Solus has less padding than the other stairlifts in our range, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s any less comfortable. The strategic cushioning supports you in all the right places, and less fabric means less cleaning. That said, the Solus comes with a choice of 3 different fabrics, to suit your tastes. Whether you choose a soft woven fabric, wipe-clean vinyl or stylish Italian leather, you always have a choice of colours to make your stairlift your own.

Forward-thinking engineering

The modern, adaptable features of the Solus are only some of the reasons why this chair has helped thousands of people around the world get their independence back. The other reasons are thanks to the hard work of our highly trained engineers who have put years of research into the product you get today. The Stannah engineers have made sure that:

  • Your Solus will keep moving, even in a power cut
  • Your stairlift is fitted with an ergonomic seat belt. You can do it up with one hand.
  • Your Solus has 10 safety sensors. If there’s anything blocking its path it’ll come to a gentle stop.
  • Your Solus is always ready to go because the foot and armrests flip down in one easy action
  • You’re completely safe getting in and out of your chair, as the footrest is covered in anti-slip fabric.
  • Your stairlift is discreet as it glides smoothly, quietly up or down your stairs at the push of a button
  • The controllers are intuitive. Use your hand or wrist to push in the direction you want to go and you’re safely on your way
  • You even have the option of getting a Solus that turns automatically at the top or bottom of the stairs to let you off in complete safety

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Would you rather we sent you a free brochure?

Would you rather we sent you a free brochure?

Customise your Solus Stairlift

Choose the color and details of the perfect stair lift and tell us how many steps there are on the stairs.


Solus Stairlift

Design your stairlift

Leather upholstery:

Stannah Starla custimized Stannah Starla custimized Stannah Starla custimized Stannah Starla custimized Stannah Starla custimized

Fabric upholstery:

Stannah Solus Stannah Solus Stannah Solus Stannah Solus Stannah Solus

Vinyl upholstery:

Stannah Solus Stannah Solus

Type of stairs:



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Key features of your Solus stairlift

Your Solus gives you your independence back, making you the master of your home again. Your stairlift doesn’t just give you mobility. It also leaves you feeling safe. Take a look at the features of the Solus that give you that feeling of security.

Adjustable armrests

The armrests of your Solus can be adjusted depending on the length of your arms. They give you support as you get in and out of the chair, so you want them to be fitted to you perfectly.

Link bars

The Solus is one of our only chairs with link bars. They give you support from both sides, cradling you as you make your way swiftly up the stairs. They make you to feel safer.

Removable link bars

The link bars are an important safety feature, but they can also be removed if you need side access from a wheelchair. You can pull your wheelchair up beside the chair and lift yourself over easily.

Upholstery options

The Solus comes with 3 choices of upholstery, and lots of choices of colour. You’re sure to find an upholstery option to match your tastes, so that your stairlift blends beautifully into your home.

A key

Your stairlift comes with an easy-to-use key. The key fits into the end of the armrest and can be turned to deactivate your stairlift, or completely removed to block it. You have complete control.

Remote call buttons

Our stairlifts come with 2 remote call buttons to summon your lift from a different floor. You’ll never be stuck on one floor again, and can use your stairlift to carry other things.

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