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Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on the customer service offered by our distributors, and we want you to know that your needs are of utmost importance to us. We want to ensure we offer you the best possible products and services, and that you feel certain you have all the information you need to make the right decision for you.

The following questions have been asked by previous customers, so we hope you find all the information you need here. However, if you still have unanswered questions, please call us so we can help you get the information you need.

Before buying a Stannah Stairlift

What is a stair lift used for?

A stairlift is a modern mobility aid used to help people with reduced mobility safely use their stairs. It’s a lift that takes the user up and down the stairs while sitting comfortably on a chair. Some refer to it as a chairlift. You can read more about it on this page.

How does a stairlift work?

A Stannah stairlift always runs on battery power, but you’ll need to plug it into a nearby power outlet, so that the batteries remain charged. But if there is a power cut, the batteries will ensure that you’ll get safely to your destination, giving you about twenty trips up and down. The batteries will charge automatically when the stairlift stops at a charging point, so you never have to worry about that. You can read more about it on this page.

Can a stairlift be fitted to any stairs?

If someone can stand on your stairs, we’ll most likely be able to fit a stairlift on them. Your stairs can be narrow, steep, curved or straight, with one or multiple landings or with a doorway at the top. No matter the situation, we’re likely to find a solution to help you regain your independence. If you want to be sure,  request a commitment-free stair survey here.

Can stairlifts go around corners?

 Yes, they most certainly can. When it comes to fitting a stairlift to curved stairs, we haven’t reached a limit yet! Whether you live in a lighthouse or a tower block, we can get you moving again. One or multiple landings aren’t an issue either.

How do I choose a stairlift?

By making an obligation-free appointment with one of our experienced advisors. During your free home visit, you’ll be able to go through the options and features available for each model. Our advisor will give you personalized advice, so that together we can find the best stairlift to fit your needs and your home. You can read more about our stairlift options here. Would you rather see a brochure first? You can request a free copy here.

Are stairlifts customisable?

Most of our stairlifts have the additional benefit of added optional features. Some of the options include: seat belt options, a retractable rail option, upholstery choices and choice of hand control. You can read more about Stannah stairlift options here.

Which professional organizations recognize Stannah stairlifts with awards, accreditations or partnerships?

Among others, we have gained ISO certifications in the areas of quality management of business and Health and Safety management. We have been approved by ISO Certifications, CE Marking, Buy with Confidence Scheme and the Lift and Escalator Industry Association. For the full list of awards and accreditations, you can consult this page.

What is the weight limit on a stair lift?

The maximum weight capacity of Stannah’s curved stairlifts is 135K and for straight stairlifts is 160kg. If you choose a stairlift with a retractable rail, then the maximum weight capacity of your stairlift will be 120kg. You can also call our dealer and ask them to give you more details on our stairlifts’ specifications.

What is the minimum width for a stair lift?

Around 700 mm with a maximum angle of 52 degrees. However, this is just a rough estimate, and only by seeing your stairs can we know for sure which stairlift can best fit your needs.  This estimate will also vary depending on whether your stairs are straight or curved and the best way to know for sure is to schedule a free stair-survey.

Will other people still be able to use the stairs?

Yes. Our rails hardly take up any room on your stairs and your chair folds away neatly. People will still be able to use your stairs just like they did before.

Buying a Stannah Stairlift

How to buy a Stairlift

We have a simple 3-step process you can follow when you decide to buy a stairlift. First, you contact us and request a free stair survey, our experienced advisor will measure your stairs and provide tailored advice on the best option for you. You’ll then receive a commitment-free quote. When you’ve made your choice, our engineers will schedule your installation, and the installation itself will take less than a day, so you’ll be able to use your stairlift that same day. You can read further details here.

How much does a stair lift cost?

The price range will depend on how long the rail needs to be and the options you select. Our stairlifts are tailored to you and your house, so prices vary depending on your needs. One big factor that can affect the price of your stairlift is whether your stairs are straight or curved. Other factors are:

  • the length of your stairs
  • the chair that’s right for your needs
  • if your stairs are straight or take a turn
  • if you want to go up more than one floor
  • If you need any additional features for extra comfort and safety.

How much does it cost to install a stair lift?

If you’re looking to install a stairlift on a straight staircase, the price will depend mainly on how long the rail needs to be. If your stairs are curved (or take a turn), it’s difficult to give exact figures, as the specifics of your staircase determine much it will cost. Nonetheless, the installation of your Stannah stairlift is part of our service. That means that when you buy your Stannah stairlift you only pay for your stairlift, there is no extra installation charge.

What is included in the cost of a stairlift?

The cost of your stairlift includes a made to measure stairlift designed for your stairs and needs, including choice of upholstery and colour, ergonomic standard features, such as the safety belt and hand control; the installation, including demonstration and clean-up, and a 2-year market-leading warranty.  Plus, all the advice you might need. Read more about your stairlift options here and about our warranty here.

Are stairlifts tax deductible?

They could be. People often miss out on tax credits simply because they don’t know which tax credits they could benefit from. In some cases, stairlifts can be listed as a tax deduction under the durable medical equipment provision. Contact a tax professional and find out if you can benefit from a tax deduction on your stairlift.

Are stairlifts covered by the universal public health system?

Some health insurances cover home modifications, which might include the installation of a mobility solution like a stairlift. Some auto insurance policies, workers’ compensation programmes, and medical trust funds might also help will the costs of getting a stairlift. Contact your health insurance for more information, there’s a chance they’ll cover at least some of the costs of your stairlift.

Is there a grant for a stairlift?

At the moment, there are no governmental grants in the United Arab Emirates that can help you support the cost of a stairlift.


How is a stair lift installation done?

The installation will only take a couple of hours as a stairlift attaches to your stairs and not to your wall, therefore planning permission is not necessary. Our dealer’s experienced technicians will drill a few small holes in your stairs, and before they leave they’ll make sure you know how to use your stairlift safely and comfortably and leave everything clean and ready to be used.

Can I install a stairlift by myself?

If you are a trained and certified stairlift installer the answer is yes, you can. If you’re not, we strongly advise against it. We won’t sell for self-install due to safety concerns. A stairlift is a mobility device made for your safety, so would you feel safe using a stairlift that was installed by an amateur? Why risk it, if safety is the exact reason why you got your stairlift in the first place? Give our trusted dealer a call instead and let them take care of everything for you.

Can a stairlift be installed outdoors?

No, we don’t install outdoor stairlifts in United Arab Emirates at the moment.

What are the stairlift installation requirements?

During the free stair survey, the stairlift advisor will check the only requirement you need, which is a plug near the staircase to plug the stairlift in. Before the day of the installation of your stairlift, you only have to look for obstructions on your stairways, such as plant pots or photos. You can put them back when the installation is finished. Click here to read more.

How long does it take to install a stair lift?

The average time it takes to install a stairlift is 2 to 5 hours. It’s a quick process that won’t cause too much disruption to your routine or your home. Read all about it here.

After buying your Stannah Stairlift

How long does a stair lift last?

Stannah stairlifts can last for quite a long time. In some cases, we’ve seen our stairlifts last for more than 20 years! The biggest factor in extending the life of your stairlift is upkeep and regular maintenance. We recommend having your stairlift serviced annually to ensure that it is always running in top form.

Stairlift warranties

In the unlikely event that something happens to your stairlift our warranty gives you priority to a call-out service and a 2-year market leading warranty. Our parts and components are made to withstand decades of use, but if any need replacing due to normal wear and tear during the warranty period, we take care of that for you. However, parts that need replacing due to normal wear after the 2-year warranty has expired are not be covered any other warranty. Read all about it here.

What if I need stairlift maintenance?

We recommend having your stairlift serviced annually, this is a service we provide for our customers. Contact us for more information.

Can a stairlift be shortened?

If necessary, the rail of the stairlift can be shortened. However, since your stairlift will be made to fit your stairs, and exact measurements are taken prior to fabrication, this shouldn’t be necessary.

Can a stairlift be removed? 

A stairlift can easily be removed if necessary. As our stairlifts are installed on the steps of your stairs and not fixed to the wall, the only sign that will remain are a few small holes in your stairs.

Can I sell my stairlifts to another person after using it?

A stairlift is made to measure the user’s stairs, this means it won’t fit on anyone else’s stairs. Some parts of the stairlift might be suitable to be recycled, such as the chair, so in some cases it’s possible to sell the stairlift back to Stannah. However, most parts won’t be able to be re-used, due to the personalised aspect of our product. For more information, please inquire directly with our distributor.