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Smart Platform lift
The ultimate platform lift

For curved indoor stairs

O design inovador da plataforma Smart assegura tempos de instalação únicos nos espaços mais reduzidos. Facilita o transporte de pessoas e cargas variadas, e distingue-se pela robustez e possibilidade de ajustes automáticos de velocidade.

The next generation platform

Versatility and state-of-the-art technology

Designed to facilitate the transport of people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs between different floors, the Smart platform lift for wheelchair users is also prepared to guarantee the transport of various goods, such as shopping bags, gas bottles, firewood, and much more.

Added to this versatile design is the most technological component of the Smart wheelchair platform: its single-touch buttons make it easy to operate the platform and the digital panel keeps you informed at all times of the platform's status and battery charge, so you can enjoy the comfort and independence that the Smart platform offers you at all times.

Find out what else the Smart platform lift can do for you

Learn more about other useful features that make the Sharp platform lift the ideal solution for you.

Touch panel

The integrated touch panel makes it easy to operate the Smart platform. Simply press the arrow buttons once and the platform will move to the floor you’ve chosen. The Smart lift also includes remote controls.

Protection bars

The platform protection bars mark the perimeter within which you must stay for your own safety. The bars take only 15 seconds to raise or lower. And because they can be folded away, this lift retracts completely when parked.

Suitable for private and public spaces

The robust design of the Smart platform allows for decades of intensive use, making it an ideal accessibility solution for residential, public and commercial buildings.

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Specialised advice

At Stannah, we take care of everything

The assessment survey and project feasibility study are completely free of charge.

  • Project feasibility study and on-site measurement study, free of charge and without obligation.
  • Expert advice on the most suitable mobility solution considering your mobility needs and the space available for the installation.
  • We ensure a careful follow-up during all phases of the project and even after the installation through our after-sales service.

Installation in 1 day

Under normal conditions, the Smart platform is installed in one day.

Stannah Warranty

Your Smart platform lift comes with a 2-year warranty.

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  • A free, no-obligation assessment survey is essential.

Only after ensuring the project’s feasibility can we guarantee the success of the installation and offer you with a final and transparent quote.

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