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Our range of equipament

Sharp platform lift for curved stairs
For narrow staircases and stairs with several landings, indoors or outdoors

Ideal for overcoming curved staircases up to 85 meters

The Sharp curved platform lift is a practical solution for the elderly, people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users to go up and down curved stairs, whether indoors or outdoors, and with several landings.

Stannah Quality

Low maintenance costs

The Stannah curved platform lift for wheelchairs doesn’t require costly maintenance contracts or regular inspections. Nonetheless, and based on our experience of over 150 years in the lifting industry leads, we recommend that you always keep good maintenance practices to ensure your wheelchair platform lift will work properly for many years to come.

Find out what else the Sharp platform lift for curved stairs can do for you

Learn more about other useful features that make the Sharp platform lift the ideal solution for you.

Protection bars

Protection bars, also known as guard rails, ensure that you remain safely inside the wheelchair platform throughout the entire journey.

Ergonomic controls

The control panel allows you to control the platform lift from the inside, including if you need to stop the platform for an emergency.

Safety sensors

The safety sensors on the Sharp wheelchair platform activate its automatic stop feature if an obstacle obstructs its path.

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Specialised advice

At Stannah, we take care of everything

The assessment survey and project feasibility study are completely free of charge.

  • Project feasibility study and on-site measurement study, free of charge and without obligation.
  • Expert advice on the most suitable mobility solution considering your mobility needs and the space available for the installation.
  • We ensure a careful follow-up during all phases of the project and even after the installation through our after-sales service.

Installation in 1 day

Under normal conditions, the Sharp platform is installed in one day.

Stannah Warranty

Your Sharp platform lift comes with a 2-year warranty.

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  • A free, no-obligation assessment survey is essential.

Only after ensuring the project’s feasibility can we guarantee the success of the installation and offer you with a final and transparent quote.

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